College is a time to grow, make friends that will last a lifetime, learn more about yourself and what your interests are, and yes, study. Even if you hate to admit it, studying and passing your classes is kind of the point of going to school. There will be times when you feel like you’re drowning in notes, or a class that doesn’t quite pique your interest, but it’s important to stay committed and do your best! At Upper Crust, we try to help the chapter houses that we serve as much as possible, and that goes beyond our college food catering services (although of course, providing your fraternity or sorority with fresh, delectable food is our specialty).

So in this post, we’re going to provide you with just a few helpful tips to take into consideration for your study method! If you’d like to learn more about our college catering services, or would like to have Upper Crust Food Service at your campus, call us now!


Maybe you’re already a pretty organized student, you have your planner marked out, your notes color-coded, your classes separated out, and sticky notes feather out from all of your textbooks. If that’s the case, you’ve probably got this under control. If not, we’re not recommending that you create an intricate method of organization, but if you have to rifle through stacks of paper to find one important page of notes, you might want to reconsider how you handle your school work. Organizing your most important notes, events, assignments, and the like will be more beneficial than you can even guess! Having the ability to find certain documents or remembering all of your appointments and due-dates will go a long way in helping you to pass your classes, as well as ease your stress.

Good Notes

Along with good organization, taking good notes is also key when it comes to staying up with your workload. We understand that some professors might be difficult to follow or to pay attention to and that you might get the urge to doodle or drift off, but we promise that if you take extensive, detailed notes, it will be so much easier to study for the big exam, especially if you’re not having to sift through cartoon drawings to find any piece of relevant information!

Pace Yourself

Your college workload can seem like too much at times, but it is extremely important for you to pace yourself. There might be a few late night study sessions that are inevitable, but don’t wait till the last minute to cram for every class! This will make it more difficult to retain the information, and is also bad for your overall health! Just create a flexible schedule for each class and designate a given amount of time each week for specific classes! Work with your sorority sisters or fraternity brothers to create times that you can all study together because it’ll make studying that much better when you’re surrounded by your friends.

Take a (Food) Break!

Okay, here’s where we come in. Whether you’re having a study session, or you just need to take a little time to rest your brain, our campus chefs will have delicious food waiting for you! We specialize in customization with our food services, so whatever helps you relax or gets you ready to ace the test, we’ll have it ready! Upper Crust Food Service is dedicated to each and every house that we cater for, and our cooks become part of your Greek family! So, get to studying students! But remember to have the best time of your life as well. Feel free to contact us today for more information about our college catering services!