We’re about to tell you something that you won’t believe and likely do not want to hear. Taking classes during the summer is a good idea! Did you gasp? We know, you’ve been counting down the days to summer for months now, why in the world would you not celebrate the freedom? In this blog post, we’re going to provide you with a few of the many benefits that come with summer courses.

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Smaller Classes

Large classes can be frustrating during the spring and the fall. To start off, parking is usually non-existent, then when you finally do find a spot you find yourself in a massive classroom that only has one seat left in the far back corner. It can be difficult to hear the lectures, and there’s no way the professor is going to learn 150 student’s names and help each one when they have questions or problems. It’s a tough learning environment.

This isn’t a problem during the summer. Class sizes are much smaller so you’ll actually get to know your professor, hear everything that they say, ask questions and be part of the discussion. It’s overall a much better experience and makes learning the subject much easier.

Graduate Faster

Obviously, when you finish a class, you get credits which you need in order to graduate. If you’re all caught up on your classes from the spring and the fall, then when you gain credits over the summer you’ll find yourself that much closer to graduating! This has many perks and lets you start looking for your career much faster.

Catch Up On Credits

On the other side of the spectrum, if you’ve found yourself a little bit behind in your courses, the summer is the perfect opportunity to catch up! You’ll be much less stressed when the fall semester rolls back around.

Take the Class You’re Dreading

Everyone has those classes. It’s a subject that you know nothing about and have trouble understanding even the basics of it. However, the class is a necessity for graduating. It has to get done. Summer is the best time to complete these classes. With the aforementioned benefits that come with smaller class sizes, it will be easier to get an understanding and also have the help of your professor. Also, you’ll get it over faster!

Sure, since the summer semester is about half the length of a normal semester, you’re either going to have to go to the class more often or have longer lectures. This seems frustrating at first, but we promise you that you’ll be so happy you took the class when it’s over before you know it and you don’t have to think about it again.

More Availability

Along with the classes that you dread, there are also classes that everyone on campus wants to get into. During the spring and fall registrations, you’re basically playing the lottery on whether you’ll get a spot or not, and more often than not you get let down. Well, with everyone off campus during the warm season, you’re chances are much better that you’ll get a seat.

Save Money

College is expensive. That is a well-known fact. So you want to save money at any opportunity that you get. While summer classes are not necessarily cheaper (unless you’re taking them off campus), but you’re much more likely to find the textbooks you need used and at a much cheaper price! Along with that, if you graduate sooner you won’t be living on campus as long, therefore saving you and your parents’ money that would have gone to room and board and living expenses.

Impress Employers

When an employer learns that you took time out of your summer to attend classes and that you graduated early, that’s going to impress them right off the bat. They’ll see that you are focused and a hard worker, clearly two traits that they are looking for in an employee. This along with the networking, volunteering, and leadership roles that you took at your fraternity or sorority, you can rest assured that you’ll find a job pretty darn soon after you graduate.

Study Abroad

Were you hoping to travel over the summer but also want to earn some credits. This is the perfect opportunity to do both! Most study abroad programs are over the summer so look into one that interests you and kill two birds with one stone!

Keep Your Brain Active

It’s something we’ve all experienced, going all the way back to childhood. During summer break, your brain’s activity slows down a little bit since you’re thinking more about relaxing and having fun instead of feeding your brain the knowledge that it craves. This makes the first few weeks of class very difficult to comprehend and get used to. This isn’t an issue when you take summer courses. You’ll keep your brain active and learning during the entire time so the fall semester won’t be so difficult when it starts back up.

Enjoy Our Food!

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