While traditional college has ended much sooner than expected, and you are now taking classes completely online, you may be realizing how much you miss your Greek family. Whether you are in a sorority or fraternity, it’s hard not to be in daily contact with them. With that in mind, we’ll take a look at five ways that you can stay in touch with them to maintain those relationships and make them even stronger.

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1. Create a Facebook Group

With social networking, it’s easier than ever to keep the members of your chapter in close communication with one another. Emails, texts, and social media groups are all great ways to stay connected. In fact, since you are probably all on Facebook, one of the easiest steps you can take is to create a private group for the people in your chapter. You can post pictures, updates, and even have live, face-to-face conversations.

2. Commit to Be a Penpal

You can take it old school and find someone who will be your pen pal for the summer. If you each commit to writing one letter per month, you’ll end up writing a total of three to four letters, which won’t feel like such an overwhelming commitment. With today’s technology that allows for instantaneous communication, you may wonder why you should bother with writing a letter. One thing that is easy to forget is the simple pleasure of seeing the familiar handwriting of a close friend and reading their words. The gift of their time and thoughts will have a bigger impact than you might think.

3. Plan a Trip

While you are probably very limited in what you can do right now with various federal, state, and local agencies implementing lockdown procedures, you can still make plans for the future. Choose a time that is several months out, and start making plans to get together with your friends. You’ll have the ability to save money, plan activities, and anticipate spending time in person with your friends. In the meantime, make sure to communicate regularly so that you can stay caught up with the important things happening in your friends’ lives. Whether you live close to your friends or on opposite sides of the country, getting together can be so much fun after a long time apart.

4. Schedule Video Chats

One of the advantages of growing up with technology is that there are a number of different video chat platforms available for free. This is great, because it means you don’t have to worry about whether you and your friends all have applications that work together or not. There are platforms that work regardless of your internet provider or the type of phone you use. While it’s definitely fun to talk and catch up on the phone. There is something about being able to see your friends’ faces, hear their laughter, and see their reactions.

5. Send a Care Package

This last suggestion may seem a bit weird to you if you’ve only ever thought of care packages as something that parents send to their college kids. The truth, however, is that a care package is a very personal way to let your friends know that you’re thinking about them and miss them. The act of finding, buying, or making things that you know they will like and then packing and mailing them serves to communicate the importance you place on the friendship.

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