When you join a fraternity or a sorority, you will be gifted with a variety of benefits that other students will not or do not get. While you will certainly be meeting lifelong friends, going to social events, and expanding your network, there is another activity that won’t only be advantageous for you and your future, but will also help the community around you. While the media has often given Greek life a bad light, philanthropy is actually a huge part of being a part of a chapter house. Learn more about how fraternities and sororities give back to their community as well as the benefits that it provides. You won’t have to worry about giving back on an empty stomach when you have an Upper Crust chef involved with your chapter house! Contact us today to learn more about our college food service company and the delicious meal plans that we provide.


One of the best things about joining a fraternity or sorority is that you won’t feel alone or out of place. As soon as you join your house, you’ll have countless brothers or sisters to support you and help you succeed during your time in college and after. From social gatherings to special events, you and your chapter mates will work together. This includes any community service or fundraising activities that you partake in. Being able to work with those around you is a skill that is crucial once you enter your career, so being able to organize and work with the members in your chapter house will help you prepare for your future.

Learn How to Host Events

Another benefit that comes with being involved in the Greek life is learning how to take command and be a leader. From deciding the cleaning duties to making sure that everyone has a task to complete, your leadership skills will certainly be enhanced. This is also true when it comes to hosting an event such as a fundraiser. You will learn the ins and outs of putting together an event that exceeds expectations. This will also help you throughout your life, even if it is as simple as putting together a birthday party for a loved one.


During the years in your chapter house, you will be meeting all kinds of people that will be able to provide you with assistance, no matter how many years pass. Being involved in a Greek organization significantly helps you to expand your network, including reaching into the community where your campus is located. Through your philanthropic activities, you will gain the trust and respect of those who see your efforts and your passion to help those around you. This will help you more than you may think.

Helping Those That Need It

Every single person goes through hard times at some point in their lives; sometimes, it even feels like there is no way to pull ourselves up, at least not alone. One of the best parts of getting involved with community service or fundraising for a special cause is being able to help those around you that are in need of a little bit of assistance. You may not realize it, but those receiving your help will be immensely grateful for what you did for them, even if they never get the chance to meet you.


You are going to have a lot of successes during your time in college. You’ll be proud of yourself for a variety of reasons including passing a difficult exam, getting an A on a term paper, talking to your crush, etc. While you should be proud of yourself for these accomplishments, there is truly something special about helping out in your community. It is such a rewarding experience and an activity that you will certainly want to continue doing even after you have graduated. 

Upper Crust Food Service is incredibly proud to help you and your fraternity or sorority with these events. All of our college cooks are dedicated to serving the tastiest food around. We will provide you with customized meal plans day-after-day, but will also serve at your fundraiser event or provide you snacks for when you are doing community service. If you would like to learn more about our college food service company or are in need of reliable kitchen solutions for your chapter house, then reach out to us today!