Can you believe that we are in the last month of the year? It seems like just yesterday when we welcomed in 2019, and now it is time to reflect on the past year and start making plans for the future. Here at Upper Crust, we hope that you had you’ve had a great year and that 2020 is even better! One great tradition to get into is setting achievable goals to help ensure that you have a productive and fun year! If you are a little unsure of what resolutions would be best for you to strive for, we’ve got you covered. We’ve made a list of some of the most popular goals that college students could benefit from. 

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Get To Know Your Professors

We know that you have a variety of professors, some that you may like more than others, but no matter the class, it is always beneficial to introduce and get to know your instructor. Especially in larger classes, you want your professor to be able to put a face to a name. This will come in handy whenever you have any questions or even when you need an extension for a given project. We’re not saying that you have to become your teacher’s best friend, just get to know them a little bit. You’ll be surprised to learn how down-to-earth they can be, and likely have some great stories to tell you as well.

Perfect Attendance

We understand that life happens. Whether you come down with a bad cold or you have family matters that need to be settled, sometimes you are just unable to attend your classes. So while you may not be able to attend every single one of your classes, shoot for 100% attendance if necessary. It is so important for you to be present at your courses and you’ll have that much more of an advantage when it comes to exams or larger projects. We know that it can be tempting to skip a class if you didn’t get enough sleep the night before or if you just aren’t a fan of the course, but those are the classes that you want to be sure to attend so that you can get a better understanding and not get stuck behind.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

One of the most exciting parts of college is exploring activities and topics that you may have never considered before. The odds are that there are constantly different events going on that you may not be familiar with. Why not give some of these activities a try? After all, this is a time in your life to explore and figure out where your interests really are. If you see that a guest speaker is going to be on campus discussing a topic that you don’t know well, go! Join some extracurricular activities or sign up for a class that is new to you. It’s likely that you will find some things that you really enjoy that you may have never known about if you didn’t branch out of your comfort zone.


It is always rewarding to help your community. Now, one of the greatest things about being a part of the Greek life is that your fraternity or sorority will schedule a wide variety of volunteer events for you to partake in, but why stop there? Look into places that have a cause that means a lot to you, from the animal shelter to helping to serve food to the homeless in your area. If you can, try and make an agreement with yourself to volunteer at least once every month. You won’t regret it!

Contact Your Parents!

Yes, it is pretty exhilarating to move out of your parent’s home and into your own dorm or apartment. It is a great time for you to learn the ropes of living on your own, keeping your stuff clean, and work on being a responsible adult. But don’t forget about your parents! More than likely, you are on their mind every single day and they just want to get updates on how everything is going for you and just want to hear your voice! While you are finding your own way, don’t forget who got you to where you are. Call your mom and/or dad as often as possible, they will be incredibly grateful.

Healthier Diet

It’s pretty common for college students to get stuck in following an unhealthy diet. From trying to juggle all of your classes and keep up with your social activities, sometimes convenient fast food or microwaveable meals just seem like the best option. From time to time this is okay, but in order to stay as healthy as possible, you are not going to want to make a habit of eating these foods on the regular. The good news is, that when you have an Upper Crust chef around, you won’t have to worry about it! We create customizable meal plans for you and your fraternity brothers or sorority sisters and are proud to use fresh, healthy, and tasty ingredients. If you are looking to eat healthier now that you are in college, just let your cook know and he will put together some meal plans specifically for what you need. We even provide you snacks for those late-night study sessions.

Make a Friend In Each Class

Along with getting to know your professors, it is also a great idea to make a friend in each of your classes. Not only will this help to make going to class a little less intimidating, but when you are sick or just need help with a certain topic, you will have someone that you can call or text for a little bit of assistance.

Get Enough Sleep

You are going to have a lot going on, from your academic studies to your busy social life, and quite often this can make it incredibly difficult to get to sleep at a reasonable hour. However, when you are getting the proper amount of sleep, your body and mind will thank you! Try and avoid the late-nights. While it is suggested that you get eight hours of sleep every night, this might be difficult to do with so much on your plate. Make a commitment to yourself that you will get at least six hours of sleep every night!

While all of these resolutions are certainly going to help make 2020 that much better for you, the most important thing is to take care of yourself and make sure that you are having fun and not letting the stress get to you. Our college food service company will be there to ensure that your taste buds are happy as well. From your three daily meals to your snacks, you can rely on us. We also will cater all of your special events too!  If you would like to learn more about the catering services that we offer or you are ready to get the ball rolling, then be sure to contact Upper Crust Food Service today. You’ve got enough on your mind already so don’t add figuring out what your next meal will be to the list! Happy New Year!