College is a special time in every young adult’s life. It’s a time to learn, a time to grow, and a time to make friends that eventually feel like family. This is why there are fraternity “brothers,” and sorority “sisters,” because the bonds that are formed last a lifetime. Along with these special relationships, Greek life is also known for throwing the best parties on campus, having a support system that non-members don’t experience, but also, the food. And we don’t mean this in a good way. The average diet of fraternities and sororities across the country are a steady consumption of ramen noodles, pizza, and whatever leftovers they can get their hands on. At Upper Crust Food Service, our mission is to end this food atrocity and provide chapter houses nationwide with quality, fresh, and most importantly, delicious meals through our college catering services.

Even with a food program already implemented, we’ve found that chapter houses tend to go through cook after cook, creating inconsistency with the meals, as well as a lack of commitment to providing the students with quality food. Instead, these campus cooks would throw together a bland and unappetizing meal leaving only one option: force the food down your gullet to ease your hunger, or spend money that is already wearing thin on a meal away from the fraternity or sorority house.

This is not the case with Upper Crust. From the beginning, when we were providing our food services to only two chapter houses in the Midwest, we were devoted to excellence. This commitment to quality, and the meal plans we offered, had students telling their friends at other campuses about our catering services, and before we knew it, we found ourselves serving hundreds of chapter houses from coast to coast. But that doesn’t mean our desire to be the best college food service company in the country wavered in any way whatsoever. In fact, we’ve only become more dedicated to perfecting our meals and satisfying each and every student that we serve.


One thing that makes our college catering company unique is the variety of options that we provide. There will be no moans and groans about it being meatloaf day again, since part of our foundation is providing choices for the students, not repetition. We also rely on the feedback we receive to be the best we can be. Just like personalities, every person’s taste buds are different, and we strive to have our meal plans express that. We listen to the comments, good or bad, that we receive about the food, and use that feedback to change and alter the menu so that everyone has something to enjoy. This is why we have an online feedback feature, as well as regular performance reviews, to ensure that we’re doing everything in our power to go above and beyond.

Special Events

We don’t restrict ourselves to just the day-by-day meals for fraternities and sororities either. We know that part of Greek life is throwing some of the biggest special events on campus. Whether it be for tailgates at the game, mixers, holiday parties, and the like, we make sure to take your event to the next level by providing mouth-watering food to all attendees. Just think about how happy your mom and/or dad will be when they see the nutritional and tasty food your eating on the regular! They’ll have no more nightmares of you eating bowl after bowl of unhealthy and processed food day in and day out. Instead, they’ll rest easy knowing that you’re getting the proper nutrition you need.

Cleaning Services

Upper Crust Food Service doesn’t just provide delicious food and then drive away, leaving a mess for you and your chapter brothers or sisters to clean up. We provide full cleaning services as well. These services include maintenance around your house’s property, managing your cleaning supplies, as well as making sure that everywhere from your patio to your hallways are spotless (which is another way to impress your parents when they visit). We take on your employees and cover worker’s compensation and provide health benefits to ensure that we have a team to make every surface in the house so clean you could eat off it, but we recommend sticking to the dining areas for that.

Excellence Beyond Expectations

Not just a college catering company, Upper Crust Food Service is dedicated to making your, and your fraternity brother’s or sorority sister’s life as easy as possible so that you can enjoy the best years of your life. We take control of all facets of your kitchen so you don’t have to worry about a thing. This includes ordering and preparing the food, as well as staffing. To take it even further, we also provide your house with cleaning supplies, paper goods, household chemicals, and more.

We’re also firm believers that our food is only as good as our staff, so we make sure that each and every person that we add to our team is just as dedicated, professional, and knowledgeable as the rest. Our goal is to provide incomparable customer service as well as the best food found on campus. Do away with dreading the same bland meals day after day, and get ready to be excited to find out what delicious food you and your fellow chapter members will be eating today! It’s a no-brainer, contact us today and hire the best college catering company in the company today!