We know that summer break just began and you’re enjoying your time not having to worry about exams and homework, but it’s never too early to begin preparing yourself for the upcoming school year. Especially if you are a freshman. So in this blog post, we will be providing you with a few helpful tips to get yourself ready for college. If you’re planning on being part of the Greek life (we highly recommend it!) then you can look forward to a year full of delicious food provided by our talented and dedicated cooks. If your fraternity or sorority does not currently utilize our college catering services, then talk to a leader in your house and let them know that they’re missing out! 

We provide college food services for Greek houses across the country, and even if we’re not currently at your school, simply give us a call and we’ll fix that! If you have any questions or would like more information about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us today!


Keep Your Mind Active

While it’s great to give your mind a little break during your summer break, you don’t want to completely stop keeping it active. If you do this, then the beginning of the school year is going to be a pretty big struggle for you. We’re not saying that you should be knocking out multi-page essays or studying your textbook intensely, but just little tasks in order to keep your brain functioning. Have your nose in a book throughout the break, even if you just read fun and entertaining fiction novels. Also, playing thought-provoking games on your phone, such as trivia, actually goes a long way in keeping your brain going and ready for your college classes. 

Write, Write, Write

It’s no secret that college requires you to write — a lot. So along with making sure that you read during the summer, we highly recommend that you work on your writing skills as well. If you don’t, those first few essays are going to be far from easy. We’re not saying that you have to write in-depth, multi-paged essays, but just little things in order to keep that area of your brain functioning. Keep a journal with you and write short stories, poems, or just about what happened during your day. This will go a long way in preparing you for the school year and ensuring that you don’t suffer from writer’s block right out of the gate. 

Work On Your Time Management

One area that many students struggle with when they first get to college is time management. With so many classes to keep track of, it can become a little bit overwhelming. Over the summer, work on your organization and learn some tips on how to best spend your time during college. Then you won’t be so stressed out during the year. 

In an upcoming blog, we’ll provide you with a few more tips on how you can prepare yourself for the school year. This will include getting to know your professors, knowing where your classes are going to be, and more. If you would like more information about our college food catering services, then please make sure to contact us today!