If you’re new to college, you’re probably going through a wide range of emotions. Since you’re about to embark on a whole new journey, you’re probably experiencing a mixture of fear, excitement, happiness, anticipation, and more! Don’t worry, almost every single new college student goes through this. But don’t worry! Know that you’re about to have some of the best times that you’ll ever have! The Greek system ensures that you’re not alone, so you can rest assured that you’ll have your fraternity brothers or sorority sisters on your side, helping you get adjusted to college life. While our specialty is providing your chapter house with our college food catering services, we also like to serve dishes of advice from time to time as well.

So in this post, we’ll be giving you a few helpful tips to make the best out of your time in college, because it might have just begun, but we promise that it is going to fly by! And if your fraternity or sorority is in need of professional catering services, give us a call! Upper Crust Food Service is dedicated to providing the tastiest, freshest meals on campus and we’d love to become part of your chapter house!

Keep An Open Mind

Remember that you’re not the only one that is learning who they are, and going through new experiences! It’s more than likely that you’ll be a little taken back by some of the things that you learn, see, hear, and encounter. But be sure to keep an open mind! Just because something is new to you doesn’t mean that it’s “bad”. Check out that new band, watch that “weird” movie, try a new food (our college catering services are customizable!), and make friends with everybody! To put it simply, don’t just stick to what you know, try new things!

Go to Extracurricular Lectures

We know you’re going to be busy. From classes to your Greek responsibilities, your social life to planning for your future, that’s a pretty stacked schedule. But while you’re in college, do your best to seek out and attend extracurricular lectures and seminars. You’re guaranteed to find a topic or a guest speaker that really catches your attention, and college is full of opportunities like this!

Enjoy Your Social Life

Yes, your study time and doing well in your classes is crucial to your success in college, but make sure to dedicate some time for yourself and your friends to prevent burning yourself out. It’s good to have a combination of your study time and your social life. So if you’ve written your paper or spent a significant amount of time studying, then get out there and have some fun! Or stay in resting your mind by binge-watching your favorite TV show. Just make sure that you’re giving yourself ample time to relax and unwind.

Help Out Around the Chapter House

One of the greatest things about being in a fraternity or sorority is the opportunities it provides you to prepare for the real world. There are multiple jobs and tasks that you’ll be able to accomplish that will teach you valuable life lessons, take advantage of it! Whether it’s managing your house’s finances, planning the next special event (which our campus chefs will provide the food for!), fundraising, what have you, all of this will help you in your future employment!

Talk to Your Professors

Your professors are there to help. They are experts in their field, and it’s their duty to help you understand the topics discussed. So utilize their knowledge! If you’re struggling in a class, or even doing great but would like to learn more, then talk with the teachers! They’ll be more than happy to provide you with some food for thought and will make the classes that much easier and enjoyable when you have a strong academic relationship with your professor.

Eat Well!

This is one area that we can help specifically. It can be pretty easy in college to lose focus on your personal health and what you’re feeding your body. We understand that while your jumping from class to class, grabbing a fast-food burger is the easiest option. This is fine from time to time, but it can quickly become a habit. No need to worry when you have Upper Crust’s college food catering services! All of our fraternity and sorority meal plans will be fresh, delicious, and catered to the taste buds of you and your chapter house! We’ll always have food ready for you when you need it, and we make sure to provide you with the nutrients you need to feel great and study hard! We even cater to your special events!  

Upper Crust Food Service

As we mentioned before, your college years are going to be over before you know it, so the important thing is for you to enjoy it as much as possible. Join activities, make new friends, try new things! And don’t worry about the food you’re eating, we’ve got you covered! We provide college catering services to hundreds of Greek houses across the nation, and we’re equally committed to providing fresh and tasty to food to each and every house that we serve! If you’d like more information, or Upper Crust is not already on your campus, call us right away! We’d love to bring our catering services to your campus as well!