For those that are not currently or have never been involved in Greek life, it is likely that they have a false interpretation of what fraternities and sororities actually are and what it means to be a part of it. Going all the way back to the cult classic Animal House and in countless movies and TV shows since then, Greek life is shown as a constant party, and basically nothing else. Sure, there are a few chapter houses that get a little bit too into this scene, but the majority of fraternities and sororities are so much more than just social gatherings and not anything close to the cliche that is shown through the media. In fact, there are a variety of types of organizations out there which we will talk about in this blog post.

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One of the most advantageous things about joining a fraternity or sorority is that it helps set you up for your future career. From teaching you leadership skills to organizing events, you’ll be a step ahead for your life after college. However, there are Greek houses that specifically focus on helping you in your career path or major. These organizations align with interests in business, medicine, law, etc. and offer coursework as well as advice on discussions about the profession. The best example of this is Alpha Kappa Psi which focuses on business. 


The most popular Greek organizations across the country, as well as the most well-known, are social organizations. These are most often single-gendered organizations (fraternities and sororities). The main focus of these houses is to create communities within the campus and help students make lifelong friends as well as build their network. While there is no direct cause that these houses focus on, they are known to do a variety of community service, social gatherings, leadership training, and so much more. They also include a ‘rush’ process in order to become part of it.


As already mentioned, community service and fundraising are popular amongst nearly all fraternities and sororities, those that are categorized as service organizations emphasize the importance of getting involved with the community. Oftentimes, they are mostly co-ed and specialize in such events as fundraising, tutoring services, blood drives, and the like.


Closely reflecting professional sororities and fraternities, these organizations mainly focus on furthering your academic studies and helping you achieve success. They cover a wide range of majors/professions and do not involve the rush process. Instead, a certain GPA is required to be accepted.


Also considered a social organization, religious and multicultural fraternities and sororities are based on the faith or culture of its members. Their recruitment process is generally less rigorous/formal as typical social chapter houses and helps to promote diversity amongst college campuses.

While there are various types of Greek organizations, they all share many similarities. Their main purpose is to help you get accustomed to your school and academic environment, meet friends, take steps to advance your career path, as well as have a great time! If you are currently deciding whether or not to join a fraternity or a sorority, we strongly recommend it! While our staff is out of college, we love seeing how beneficial being a part of Greek life is for each and every one of the students that we provide our catering services to.

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