While college can be an incredibly fun time, especially those of you in the Greek system, it does come with its fair share of stresses. It’s a time in your life to make lifelong friends, figure out what your interests are, and, yes, a lot of late nights studying for big exams or completing larger projects. One of the most important decisions that you are asked to make is what major you will be studying. While it is not something to take lightly, our first piece of advice is to not let the pressure get to you. Take your time, and don’t rush into it! In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a few tips to follow when selecting your major. If you would like more information about our college catering services, then go ahead and contact Upper Crust Food Service today for comprehensive kitchen services in your fraternity or sorority.

Think About What You Are Passionate About

It is likely that your major is going to determine the career path that you will be following. So, while it is important to think about a career that will be successful for you, you don’t want to end up doing something day in and day out that you aren’t proud of or even enjoy. When it comes to choosing a major, think about what you are truly passionate about. If you enjoy writing, consider deciding on a journalism major. Have you always been good at customer service and convincing others about the benefits of a certain product? Study business! Think about the classes that you are most successful at since this is likely a sign pointing you in the right direction.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Advice

Never be afraid to utilize the resources that are available to you. Your university has a ton of professionals that have been in the educational system for years and can help guide you to the right major or at least give you some helpful advice to help you find your way. This not only includes professors and those in the student resource offices, but ask some of your older chapter house members as well. Ask them how they ultimately decided on their major and if they have some advice on what would make a good fit for you.

Take a Quiz

In this modern day and age, technology can help you choose your major. There are a variety of quizzes that you can find online that will use certain information that you provide, such as your personality traits and courses that you excel in, and will use an algorithm to give you a few options as to what your major may be. A quick online search will give you an abundance of these quizzes, and if a good amount of them point you to the same major, then maybe that is the one for you!

Think About Your Potential Future

While there may be some in your life that think they know exactly what major would be right for you, remember that this is your life and your decision to make. Sure, take advice from others, but really take the time to consider the options and decide on what would make you the happiest. Also think about the potential of growth that that major will provide you. You don’t want to pigeon-hole yourself into a specific major that you are not interested in or will not provide you with a career longevity. Take your future into consideration to be sure that you don’t make the wrong decision that you will regret. 

Consider Your Options Over a Delicious Meal

You should never make a big decision like this on an empty stomach! While you are comparing your different options and attempting to narrow down your list, make sure you do so while your stomach and your taste buds are happy. That’s where we come in! Upper Crust Food Service is proud to offer our college catering services to Greek houses all across the country. From your daily meals to catering your special events like fundraisers or tailgates, you can rely on us to provide you and your chapter house with delicious food made from fresh and healthy ingredients. If you would like more information, don’t hesitate to contact us today!