Of course, tailgates, mixers, homecoming, the like, are fun on their own. With music, good friends, and copious amounts of smiles, things couldn’t get better, right? What if you replaced the “mediocre” food with mouth-watering meals made from fresh ingredients that are responsibly sourced? At Upper Crust Food Service, one of our favorite catering services we provide are for special events. No matter the occasion, we love serving delicious food to the attendees, and hear from the grapevine just how much everyone enjoyed it!

We know that the events your chapter house throw throughout the year are important, and you want to be the talk of the campus, and one surefire way to do that is to fill everyone’s appetite! When you hire Upper Crust for as your campus chefs, you not only get our catering services for your daily meals but all of your events as well! Read the following post to learn about just a few of the occasions we’re happy to serve, and contact us today to learn more about our food services!


Nothing gets you ready for the school year quite like a getting in the tailgating mood when football season comes around. There’s something special about hanging out with your fraternity brothers or sorority sisters getting ready to cheer on your school’s team! With Upper Crust on your side, you’re sure to have the best tailgate at the stadium. Our menus are completely customizable so whether you want the classic burgers or dogs, or want to lean a little more on the healthier side, we can do that!

Parent’s Weekend

This one is a biggie. Whether it’s Mom’s Weekend, Dad’s Weekend, or the double-whammy Parent’s Weekend, you can be sure that they’ve been curious about the type of food you’ve been putting into your body. We promise that our catering services will blow them out of the water! Instead of towers of pizza boxes, your parents will realize, with a sense of pride, that you’ve been eating fresh, healthy, and delectable meals, not just while they visit, but every single day!


We let you guys choose the theme, music, etc. just let us have the honor to provide your chapter house with our meals! We can serve whatever your hearts’ desire! Need the meals to match the theme? We can do that! Just want finger foods? Easy! One of the things that make Upper Crust unique is our ability to provide customizable meal plans, paying close attention to the feedback we receive, as well as making sure that we provide meals for those with dietary restrictions so that everyone can have a plate!

Upper Crust Food Services

We know there are so many other events throughout the school year that your Greek house puts on, and we can provide you with our incomparable college catering services to all of them! Upper Crust is ready to take over every aspect of your kitchen so that all you have to do is enjoy the good times and the good food, even at special events. Contact us today to hire us for our food services. We look forward to hearing from you!