1. Nutritional Tips

    Along with chemistry exams and 10-page essays on topics you don’t understand, following a nutritional diet can be pretty difficult in college. So long home cooked meals and hello to temptations from processed and fatty foods. Now, we love a good slice of pizza just like everyone, but it is important to follow a nutritional diet. Luckily, when your chapter house has college food catering services…Read More

  2. Making the Most of Your Summer

    It’s that time you’ve been waiting for! No more exams, no more sitting through seemingly endless and yawn-inducing lectures, no more sprinting through the campus when you overslept. It’s summertime, friends! Here at Upper Crust, we’re sad to see some of our fraternity and sorority members go home or move to the next stage in their life (congratulations graduates), it’s pretty hard not to…Read More

  3. Faces of Upper Crust – Bob Brush

    Bob Brush, Regional Manager, has been a valuable member of The Upper Crust Food Service family for the past four years. This week, we had a chance to chat with him on everything food! Check out a few of his favorites below and if you have any questions or would like to bring Upper Crust to your campus, contact our college food service company today! What motivated you to become a chef and tell us …Read More

  4. Benefits of Summer Classes

    We’re about to tell you something that you won’t believe and likely do not want to hear. Taking classes during the summer is a good idea! Did you gasp? We know, you’ve been counting down the days to summer for months now, why in the world would you not celebrate the freedom? In this blog post, we’re going to provide you with a few of the many benefits that come with summer courses. Don’t…Read More

  5. Faces of Upper Crust – Matt Berardi

    Italian Roots Matthew Berardi Upper Crust Food Service Regional Manager As a kid growing up in a big Italian family where food was a priority, this New York native practically grew up in the kitchen. But it wasn’t until trying his hand at a few alternative careers Matthew Berardi landed his first job in the food industry. A locally owned deli where everything was prepared from scratch utilizing …Read More

  6. Faces of Upper Crust – Josh Topasna

    For Joshua Topasna, regional manager for Upper Crust Food Service, food is life. “I love to eat, so making tasty, healthy food comes naturally to me,” he says. “I also love to make other people happy with delicious meals.” A self-proclaimed jack of all trades, Topasna learned the ropes of the culinary world by working a variety of odd jobs both front and back of house.  However, he says h…Read More

  7. Cake in a Jar

    This week we’re sharing our famous ‘cake in a jar’ recipe, a decadent treat that has become synonymous with The Upper Crust and a highlight at our booths at the Greek conference circuit over the years. Layers of rich, creamy icing envelop moist cake for a delectable treat you’re sure to love. Here’s the method: Devils’ Food Cake ¼ Buttermilk ½ cup Butter 2 Egg White 2 Eggs 5 cups sem…Read More

  8. Top Reasons to Join a Sorority or Fraternity

    Year after year, millions of young adults pack up their belongings, say goodbye to their mom and/or dad, and set off for the adventures that await them at college. It is an incredibly exciting (and a little bit nerve-wracking) time and the beginning of a new stage of life. Some college freshmen have already made up their minds that they would like to be a part of the Greek life, while many others …Read More

  9. Faces of Upper Crust: Sean McCarthy

    For Upper Crust Food Service regional director, Sean McCarthy, cooking is in his blood. “My dad was a chef and I just grew up in kitchens,” says McCarthy of his decision to pursue a career in the culinary field. A graduate of the Art Institute of Detroit, McCarthy went on to perfect his skills by working as a sous chef and later corporate trainer for area businesses. For McCarthy, who has been…Read More

  10. Menu Feature – Spring Bistro Salad

    The arrival of March has us craving warmer temps and lighter fare. While much of the country is still experiencing cooler weather- even snow in some regions- we’re channeling spring with our Bistro Salad Bar. Diced chicken, sliced apples, pears, golden raisins, candied pecans and bacon are topped upon fresh, crisp lettuce. Creamy, scratch-made maple vinaigrette provides just the perfect dressing…Read More