1. Join Our Team

    Is the culinary field something that you’re passionate about? Have you always been the chef of the house, the one baking, cooking, and concocting delicious meals? Do you love food? Hey! We do too! At Upper Crust Food Service, we serve fraternities and sororities across the entire country with tasty, fresh, and healthy meals, and we’re always looking for people to join our devoted team and prov…Read More

  2. Making the Best Out of Your Time in College

    If you’re new to college, you’re probably going through a wide range of emotions. Since you’re about to embark on a whole new journey, you’re probably experiencing a mixture of fear, excitement, happiness, anticipation, and more! Don’t worry, almost every single new college student goes through this. But don’t worry! Know that you’re about to have some of the best times that you’ll…Read More

  3. How Greek Life Prepares You for the World

    Beginning in 2009, Upper Crust Food Service has been dedicated to serving fresh, healthy, and most importantly delicious, meals to chapter houses all across the nation. We witnessed a lack of consistency and quality when it came to food catering services for fraternities and sororities, and we decided to be the change. We know the importance of your time in college, and we wanted to help students …Read More

  4. Study Tips

    College is a time to grow, make friends that will last a lifetime, learn more about yourself and what your interests are, and yes, study. Even if you hate to admit it, studying and passing your classes is kind of the point of going to school. There will be times when you feel like you’re drowning in notes, or a class that doesn’t quite peak your interest, but it’s important to stay committed…Read More

  5. Healthy Meals for a Healthy Brain

    While college and Greek life will provide you with countless memories that you will cherish throughout your lifetime, there will also be times where you feel like your brain is being pushed to its limit. From all-night study sessions, last minute revisions on your essay, and the sense of dread that arises as you enter the classroom to take your midterm, it can be pretty stressful! We at Upper Crus…Read More

  6. The Upper Crust Difference

    Since we were founded in 2009, Upper Crust Food Service has been dedicated to providing the best college catering services in the nation. Hundreds of fraternities and sororities count on our Greek housing chefs to provide mouth-watering and fresh meal plans, snacks, and everything in between. But it’s not just the food that has more and more chapter houses signing up for our food services, but o…Read More

  7. Not Just Catering

    Since our beginning, Upper Crust Food Service has been devoted to going above and beyond with the college food services that we provide. We know that life in college, although filled with fun and memories that will last a lifetime, can also be stressful and nerve-wracking. Between studying for your exams, writing multiple paged papers about topics you might not be very acquainted with, making it t…Read More

  8. Catering Special Events

    Of course, tailgates, mixers, homecoming, the like, are fun on their own. With music, good friends, and copious amounts of smiles, things couldn’t get better, right? What if you replaced the “mediocre” food with mouth-watering meals made from fresh ingredients that are responsibly sourced? At Upper Crust Food Service, one of our favorite catering services we provide are for special events. N…Read More

  9. How Food Brings a Chapter House Together

    It all begins during rush week. You begin to learn about the inner workings of Greek life, tour chapter houses and get to know the campus, and most importantly, meet new friends. A lot of these bonds grow stronger day by day. From tailgating at football games, late night study sessions, unforgettable parties thrown by your house, and countless games and activities, a lot of the friendships that yo…Read More

  10. Welcome to Upper Crust Food Service

    College is a special time in every young adult’s life. It’s a time to learn, a time to grow, and a time to make friends that eventually feel like family. This is why there are fraternity “brothers,” and sorority “sisters,” because the bonds that are formed last a lifetime. Along with these special relationships, Greek life is also known for throwing the best parties on campus, having a…Read More